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Through Hausala Sajheedari Scheme, Government of Uttar Pradesh welcomes all private hospitals and surgeons to provide Free Family Planning services on reimbursement basis under Public Private Partnership Model to meet the unmet FP need of Uttar Pradesh.

Female Sterilization Service

Free sterilization services will be provided to the beneficiaries in accredited private hospitals. Wage loss compensation will also be provided to beneficiaries on government norms for getting Laparoscopic or Mini Lap female sterilisation service at accredited private hospitals.

Male Sterilization Services (NSV)

No Scalpel Vasectomy services will be provided to beneficiaries free of cost in accredited private hospitals. Wage loss compensation will also be provided to beneficiaries on government norms for getting NSV service in accredited private hospitals.

Spacing/Temporary Method Services

Free IUCD service is available at accredited private hospitals. Also, paid IUCD, DMPA, OCP and Condom is available at accredited private hospitals.

Message from Shri. Prashant Trivedi, IAS, Principal Secretary (MH&FW), GoUP

Department of Health and Family Welfare, Government of Uttar Pradesh is committed towards the health of the community. Family planning is one of the most critical and long standing health programmes in India

In 2012 India and 68 other developing countries pledged that they will make lifesaving contraceptives available to additional 12 crore (120 million) women and girls by 2020. In order to attain this goal Uttar Pradesh has to make a 10 percent contribution to this global family planning programme, known as FP2020. To achieve this ambitious goal, UP needs to contribute over 12.4 million new family planning users for which a significant increase in mCPR is required, as the current rate of increase in mCPR is 31.7 percent per year whereas 61.3 percentage per year is needed to achieve the stated goal.

UP has a strong presence of skilled, equipped and capable private doctors across all major cities and these providers can contribute in achieving FP2020 commitments for the state. Keeping this in mind state has created a platform for private sector doctors to engage with the government which is known as Hausala Sajheedari. Private healthcare providers can now get government accreditation online and become empanelled through Hausala Sajheedari, a web-based transparent system monitored by state government directly. Through Hausala Sajheedari we are harnessing the public private partnership to improve family planning services in Uttar Pradesh. This unique health program provides an innovative pathway of connecting public programs with private sector capacities to achieve universal health coverage.

Let us join hands and together make a significant impact on a women's health and her well-being.

Message from Pankaj Kumar, IAS, Mission Director NHM & Executive Director SIFPSA

The vision of NHM for introducing Hausala Sajheedari program was to revamp the entire process of private sector facilities accreditation and surgeon’s empanelment under public private partnership approach through a dedicated web portal based single-window solution and interface.

Hausala Sajheedari provides an end to end online ICT linked solution to the entire process from online application for accreditation and empanelment, approvals and online MOU generation, maintaining digital data of family planning clients by the accredited provider, to submission of online claim invoice for reimbursement and online transfer of reimbursement claims to the providers through government system. The portal also provides real-time simplified dashboard for district and state level leadership for reviewing progress and problem solve on grievances and issues.

Hausala Sajheedari works under the leadership and supervision of a State Task Force - an apex body constituted under the patronage of the Principal Secretary, Health and Family Welfare, GoUP. SIFPSA is authorized by GoUP as an interface agency for Hausala Sajheedari program to manage the web portal, provides process oversight and reimbursement, grievance redressal and capacity building.

In a short span Hausala Sajheedari has become a template of success for providing family planning services to marginalized people of Uttar Pradesh. I am certain this public private partnership for family planning in the state and thereby complement and contribute to the FP2020 goals set for the country.

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Easy Online Application
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Timely Reimbursement
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Transparent Govt. System

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