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About Hausala Sajheedari


Through Hausala Sajheedari Scheme, Government of Uttar Pradesh welcomes all private hospitals and surgeons to provide Free Family Planning services on reimbursement basis under Public Private Partnership Model to meet the unmet FP need of Uttar Pradesh.

Calling private health facilities and family planning surgeons

The government of Uttar Pradesh invites private health facilities and family planning surgeons in the state to join hands with the government and help Uttar Pradesh stabilise its population growth. This is an opportunity to get your facilities accredited by the government and get yourself empanelled for surgical family planning services. This is also an opportunity to expand the client base and earn incentives from the government.

Uttar Pradesh needs the support of its family planning surgeons and private health facilities to help India keep the promise it made to the world at a summit meet on family planning held in London in 2012.

India and 68 other developing countries pledged that they will make lifesaving contraceptives available to an additional 12 crore (120 million) women and girls by 2020. In order to attain the target Uttar Pradesh has to make a 10% contribution to this global family planning programme, known as FP2020. The list of 68 other countries that made the pledge along with India can be found on FP2020 website at http://www.familyplanning2020.org/entities

The 10% target is too big. The number of couples using modern contraception has to double in the next 5 years for the state to achieve this target. There are 1.27 crore (12.7 million) users at present; by 2020 the number of couples using a modern method of contraception should be 2.54 crore (25.4 million).

The Uttar Pradesh government cannot do it alone. It needs all its private family planning surgeons to come to its aid. Let us join hands and together meet this global challenge.

Meeting the challenge before the state is not as daunting as it seems. Many eligible couples - about one in every 4 eligible - want to limit the family size, but do not know where to get the service. There is great opportunity here, waiting to be tapped - an opportunity to stabilise the state's alarming rate of population growth.

The state has created just the platform for private sector doctors to engage with the government. It is called Hausala Sajheedari. Private healthcare providers can now get government accreditation online and become empanelled through a web-based transparent system monitored by state government directly. Hausala Sajheedari takes the help of technology to deliver a smooth and efficient system.

Why Hausala Sajheedari

Hausala Sajheedari makes engaging with the government simple and attractive for private health facilities and family planning surgeons. This web portal is a single-window solution where all the formalities can be completed quickly so that health facilities and surgeons can provide family planning services under various government schemes.

Hausala Sajheedari is also an opportunity for health facilities and family planning surgeons to join hands with the government to work towards population stabilisation in Uttar Pradesh

Health facilities and family planning surgeons can take a self-evaluation test at this portal to find out their eligibility. Facilities can apply for accreditation and surgeons can seek empanelment here.

Accredited service providers can also put up the list of people to whom they have provided family planning services and claim reimbursement and compensation under government schemes.

A couple seeking contraception can now gain access to family planning services in a private clinic, closer home, and yet enjoy the incentives of government schemes.

How Hausala Sajheedari works

Hausala Sajheedari works under the leadership, supervision and monitoring of a State Task Force. It is an apex body constituted under the patronage of the Principal Secretary, Health and Family Welfare, Government of Uttar Pradesh, and led by the Executive Director, SIFPSA (State Innovations in Family Planning Services Project Agency).

A 4-member Private Sector Provider (PSP) cell serves as a secretariat to the State Task Force. The PSP cell looks after the web portal's day-to-day maintenance and the management of the Hausala Sajheedari initiative at the state level.

Accreditation of private sector providers

Private health facilities can now get accreditation from the comfort of their clinics by simply logging in to the web portal. Anyone seeking accreditation for his or her clinic has to just follow the instructions given at every step. There is also a video tutorial on the home page.

Facility owners can do their own evaluation against a checklist and if they meet the eligibility criteria the portal will automatically generate a letter of interest. The office of the corresponding Chief Medical Officer will also get an alert simultaneously to initiate the next step, that is, physical verification of the health facility.

Health facilities can check their application status online. Facilities denied accreditation will be given reasons for rejection. Owners of health facilities approved for accreditation will be invited to sign a memorandum of understanding with the Chief Medical Officer.

Empanelment of surgeons

Surgeons who meet the eligibility criteria for providing surgical family planning services can also get empanelled with the office of the Chief Medical Officer. Empanelment becomes necessary for the surgeon to be indemnified against litigations in case of eventualities.

Reimbursement and compensation

Accredited facilities will be able to upload details of family planning services they have provided and seek reimbursement and compensation.

The government will make reimbursements after due verification as per the norms.

Grievances, if any, can be addressed to the State Task Force through the web portal.